CATs on Community

This week’s morning prayers were led by two of our CAT students – Olha (Ukraine) and Nathanael (Belgium). They were looking at various ways we encounter God and worship him. One of the days focused on meeting God in the life of the Christian community, and also involved some responses of the fellow CAT students.

At the beginning we as CATs didn’t think about building community at all. Actually for some of us it was even a new word! But God worked in us and taught us how to be changed and shaped by living in Building G. He is changing our characters. Sometimes it is hard, but by this means he teaches us how to be flexible, sensible and humble. Here are the reflections of some CATs about what it means personally for them.

Community is not about me, myself anymore. It is not about only my life. It is about our lives!

It is when you share your life and secrets with others.

Community is a surprise! But a difficult surprise.

It is something that makes us one!

Community is when you can rely on each other and ask for help.

It is a present! You discover different things in yourself; you get ideas, knowledge and wisdom from people not only by words, but by looking at their ways of living.

It is a present which you cannot reject! You can only accept it, whether it is bad or good. And you can keep it in your memory.

Community is preparing meals together and then eating together.

It is different ages and different minds gathered in one place.

Community is also falling in love! 🙂

Community is trouble!

Community is family and sacrifices. It is a place where you can develop your character.

Community is understanding each other, our interconnection and our preciousness!

It is the place where you can practice Christian virtues.

It is a group of people who share their nerves, food time and cultures. People are different and sometimes indifferent but they have something in common.

It is a refuge, a place where people accept each other as they are. I can return there anytime and I am sure I will find love, encouragement and honest opinion about myself.

It is the place where we can be understood.

Community for me is a treasure! It is something that helps us to live and to practice our patience. It makes us closer to each other and to God!

We thank God for this unusual experience in our lives and for the opportunity to live in ‘G’. It is not easy. But this year is already one of the best years for some of us! During this time we could taste and smell the life in community, but it is only the beginning of our stories…

– Olha (Ukraine), Mona (Israel), Anna (Kazakhstan)

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