Give your time to God

Hello to all our readers! This time we pass on to you a reflection of one of our Certificate in Applied Theology students, Adina. Adina is a Hungarian from Transylvania (Romania).

Today I experienced God’s faithfulness. Half a year ago I was asked by my pastor to do some research about the history of the Hungarian Roma church in Oradea. Our church is its mother church, and I used to do mission among the Roma children, leading their children ministry. My pastor asked me also to translate the information into English. I said yes with hesitation, because it was during my exam time, and it required a lot of effort.

Now I say that it was worth it. Today I wanted to use some data about the history of the Roma church, but couldn’t open their website. Almost completely discouraged I typed the pastor’s name in Google. What did I find? I found a website with my work. Now this is the only source of the information about the history of that  Roma church which I need to finish my essay about mission. 🙂 Praise be to God! So don’t be afraid, give your time to God! You will have your reward. He will repay your service.

– Adina

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