Moments from life at IBTS

My first Advent season

One of our CAT Russian students, Alexandra Sergeeva (known to most here as ‘Sashenka’), reflects on her experience of celebrating Advent:

This Advent season is the first one not only for Peter Andreas (Dejan and Daily’s son)!!! For Russian speakers who came to IBTS this year, it is also the first experience of celebrating Advent.

I think it is wonderful tradition – to begin thinking about Christmas from the end of the November.  For me Christmas is a very important day… And when it is not one day, but the whole month, it gives you more time to think about this significant event.

Christmas Carols at the home of our Chaplain Greg and Debby Nichols for sure will be one of the brightest memories from this Christmas for me. In contrast to here, in my country church Christmas is a rather official celebration. It is very important and takes lots of time to prepare… But usually we don’t have this warm homey atmosphere which I found here, in the seminary and in Šárka Valley Community Church.

In Russia, as well as in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belorussia, the New Year is the most important event for people in general in the shadow of which, unfortunately, Christmas often takes a secondary role. So Advent decorations in the city of Prague, in our chapel and other places made our life like a beautiful fairytale, when everything around you makes you think about the birth of Jesus Christ…

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