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Being sentimental

I don’t really know about other people, but I always get very sentimental around this time of the year. Somehow everything gets bitter-sweet taste of sadness and nostalgia. And today’s gray ‘November weather’ outside does not really help the mood. Even a tiny bit of snow and sunshine would certainly be appreciated!

Christmas is much connected to the past. Family, friends, some short meetings with different people – everything suddenly becomes alive. A few favourite songs on internet Christmas radio sinks you deeper into this sea of memories…  

‘KOL’ (a strange abbreviation, ah!) is one of the most precious IBTS memories for me… ‘Kitchen of Love’ – a circle of friends, hundreds of long conversations, arguments, guests, and great food shared through our years of study.

Why do I mention it? Don’t know. Simply wanted to say to all of you, guys, Happy Christmas!

 … see, I’m telling you, I am getting sentimental… 

– Tima

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