Our residential student community

We are an unusual place, in many ways. One of them is that, as Parush, our Academic Dean, likes to say, our residential community reconstitutes itself each September: apart from the core group of teachers, staff, volunteers and other community members, much of the student body changes new every year, thereby giving a different ‘flavour’, which is then further enriched by part-time students, sabbaticals, and various other assorted folk who come for shorter or longer periods.

Here’s how the residential CAT and full-time M-level student community looks like this year:

Some Magister and CAT boys singing a Ukrainian song during community bbq
Some Magister and CAT boys singing a Ukrainian song during community bbq

MTh and Magister students
Yevgeniya Kannunikova (Kazakhstan)
Dmitryi Danilchenko (Ukraine)
Sergey Lagunov (Russia)
Andrii Meleshko (Ukraine/Russia)
Radostina Milanova (Bulgaria)
Anna Cheprasova (Russia)

Certificate of Applied Theology students
Yuliya Chizevskaya (Byelorus)
Lenard Kiraly (Romania – Hungarian speaking)
Christina Lagunova (Russia)
Nathanael Lekeu (Belgium)
Adina-Marta Meleg (Romania – Hungarian speaking)
Rula Najjar (Israel – Arab speaking)
Mona Najjar (Israel – Arab speaking)
Dima Naoum (Israel – Arab speaking)
Olha Navchug (Ukraine)
Alexandra Sergeeva (Russia)
Yana Stasiuk (Ukraine)
Anna Vershina (Kazakhstan – Russian speaking)
Alexey Zacharov (Kazakhstan – Russian speaking)
Vera Zareva (Bulgaria)

Intensive English Programme students
Alexander Khandus (Ukraine)
Alexey Novikov (Ukraine)
Roman Shevets (Ukraine)

A lovely group! We’re much enjoying getting to know them, and surely will be sharing with you some of the stories as the year continues.

– Lina & Keith

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