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Grass tales

Footworn, almost grassless, spot in the middle of a meadow… Does it bring about any associations?

A drought, another consequence of global warming… Or irresponsible, unlimited collection of wild flowers… Or, though unlikely but not impossible, the IBTS goats have finally started to ‘mown’ grass and simply overdid that particular spot?

Believe it or not, but such seemingly sad image of dying grass can also have a positive meaning. Today I was looking at this slowly widening footworn spot while standing under the net on the volleyball court next to the meadow on the top of IBTS hill, and I had a very good feeling about it.

It has been less than five weeks since the beginning of a new academic year. Less than five weeks since a lot of people, students and staff of IBTS, all coming from different countries, cultures and languages have met for the first time. This fading grass was a simple witness of how much of their spare time these people choose to spend together. They are learning to communicate. They are learning to play volleyball. They are learning to live together, as a Christian community, as a witness of how Christianity can and indeed does overcome all the possible barriers that divide the world today.

Language, ethnic identity, social background, financial prosperity or the lack of it – it disappears when we are in Christ. And that little worn out spot is a good reminder of Christ’s uniting power, once again displayed to me here, at IBTS.

– Tima

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