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Environment at top of the EBF agenda

Whilst ECEN meet near Milan, EBF are meeting at Lisboa (Lisbon) and also reflecting on the theology of creation care. Helle Liht (Estonia) led a devotional on the theme looking at the created order in Genesis. Then the keynote address – “Why we should care from a Biblical perspective” – was delivered in full and handsome manor by scientist turned OT scholar, Dr Ernest Lucas (Bristol, England). However, as Lina blogged earlier, it seems a mountainous journey to awake many in Europe to the concern. I tried to judge the impact of what Ernest was saying on the folk from eastern Europe sat around me, but engaging with the detailed Biblical work in a second language proved understandably difficult – so soon the Palm pilots and mobile phones were getting on with the life of sending emails, answering text messages etc to churches and people “back home” and I realised some in European Baptist leadership had higher priorities.

– Keith

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